Stylish INFURN Pairings to Consider


With a catalog of nearly 500 pieces that span dozens of distinct styles and types of furniture, it’s hard to know where to start with Infurn’s collection! Should you go for an urban and sleek look? Or stick with something softer and more intimate? Which table will suit those chairs? This article considers some sample pairs of furniture pieces, all of which are available through the online store. These examples may be a good starting point to think about how to pick your new décor.


Polished and Professional


If you have a large office, small meeting room or studio space that needs a touch of sophistication, you might think about going for chic industrial pieces that are classic for that modern look. This set features a beautiful combination of leather, glass and metal.




Soft Pad Office Chair 222 – Inspired by Charles Eames, 1969


This chair is one of the company’s most popular. A classic swiveling office chair, it is both ergonomic and elegant. The curved aluminum frame supports a light seat cushion and padded high back. The pads make it easy to sit for extended periods of time, but are slender enough to keep the chair’s profile slim and professional. Beneath, a swivel and tilt mechanism allows the sitter to adjust the chair’s position. Both the seat and back pads are upholstered with classic or premium leather that is available in seven colors.


Eames’ Office Chair 222 is a great addition to any working environment. With its graceful shape and ergonomic features, plus that classic combination of shiny aluminum and plush leather upholstery, it’s a definite icon of sophisticated design. You’ll find that the chair gives a simple but elegant atmosphere.


LC6 Dining Table – Inspired by Charles Le Corbusier, 1929


This classic piece serves beautifully as a home office desk, a dining room table or a small conference table. Designed in 1929 by the pioneering architect, designer and urbanist Le Corbusier, this table represents a foundational piece of modern design and a sleek, timeless asset for any room.


With thick glass set atop an elegant one-piece steel base, the table is both eye-pleasing and stable. The frame supports the table’s surface with four nail-head shaped protrusions, adding an interesting detail to an otherwise very basic design. The glass is available in 15mm or 19mm thickness. The steel legs come coated in a black finish which would pair nicely with black upholstery on a nearby sofa or chair.



Comfortable and Casual


If you’re looking for something more suitable for living room lounging, why not consider this pairing of a large Boretti sofa and a versatile Breuer table set? Together these pieces will bring organic style and comfort to your home.



Design Sofa DUE MONDO – designed by Valentino Boretti


This corner sofa is perfect in every way. It is spacious, functional and attractive. The couch features a two-seater in combination with a long bed bench, which together provides plenty of seating space. The high quality ergonomic cushions can be rearranged to suit your comfort and taste. This luxurious sofa is available in seven colors and with your choice of corner variation.


Laccio Table Set – Inspired by Marcel Breuer, 1925


A big sofa like the Boretti DUE MONDO needs a table to complement its style. This Breuer-inspired table set offers perfect harmony. With a high-grade wooden top made from ash or walnut, and a sleek aluminum base made from a single piece of curved aluminum, the table is simple yet chic.


The set comes with two tables: a longer, lower (coffee) table and a shorter, higher (side) table. The way they are designed, the taller table can slide over the other table to create an interesting two-tier surface. Or, they can be separated with one perhaps placed beside the couch while the other sits in front. Customers are sure to be pleased by the versatility of this premier INFURN product.



Ergonomic Chairs for a Playful Reading Room


If you’re considering bringing a little bit of exciting flavor into your home office or reading room, you may consider adding a modern style chair. With its simple look, bright colors and unusual forms, a modern chair is sure to add that flair of eccentricity that you’re looking for.



Womb Armchair – Inspired by Saarinen, 1948




An excellent choice for a comfortable chair for reading or lounging is the Womb Armchair, a piece inspired by Saarinen’s breakthrough collection from 1948. This chair has an ergonomic design with a cupped seat, tilted back and extra soft padding, inviting hours of use. Saarinen’s choice for the form of the chair is imaginative yet graceful, and is sure to look great in any setting. Customers may choose their upholstery from among 9 colors of cashmere, 6 shades of classic leather or 8 different premium leathers.



Egg Chair – Inspired by Arne Jacobsen, 1958


This chair is one of the bestselling pieces of furniture. Its claim to fame is that it was designed for the celebrated Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, has appeared frequently in films, and played a role in the 6th book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A classic by the Danish designer Jacobsen, the chair is a single, simple form that is curved liked an egg and sits atop an aluminum base. The way the chair is shaped makes it ergonomic and gives the sitter privacy, leading to hours of comfortable relaxation. Like the Womb Chair, it comes in a wide variety of colors for cashmere, classic leather or premium leather.


Papa Bear Chair – Inspired by Hans J. Wegner, 1951



This is another iconic mid-century chair designed for optimal comfort. With a sturdy wood frame, full upholstery and a slight tilt to the seat, the Papa Bear Chair is the perfect for reading. Its design refers back to classical armchairs but introduces modern elements like unusual protruding armrests and an organic form. Customers who choose this armchair may select beech or walnut wood for the frame and legs, cashmere or leather upholstery, and one of the many eye-catching colors.



These three chairs represents some of the best that the 1940s and 50s has to offer in designer furniture. They are not only built for comfort and privacy, but are beautiful pieces of art that add a fresh look to any room. Consider one of these elegant furniture designs for your personal reading chair.


The Origin of Modern Furniture


In just the past 150 years, furniture has come a long way. In contrast to the ornate, heavy style of the 19th century, modern furniture gets its beauty from the fact that it is so sleek, light and functional. Early modernist thinkers were the first to conceive of this radical style of furniture that has since then become the standard for furniture design.


Classical Furniture and its Limits


Prior to the 20th century, most luxury furniture had to be painstakingly crafted by hand; therefore the value of a piece came from how many hours had been spent producing it. Embellishments like wood carvings or elaborately patterned upholstery were visible testaments to the time and money spent making the furniture. Back then, furniture was also very heavy and large because of the materials used and because it was intended for grand, spacious rooms.


In a way, luxury furniture of earlier centuries was not really meant for people to use. Because it was so expensive and difficult to make, classical chairs and tables were typically more decorative than practical. And by most testaments, early furniture is actually astonishingly uncomfortable.


Pushing the Boundaries of Design


Around the dawn of the 20th century, a lot of new perspectives were forming about how to better build the world we live in. Designers, chiefly architects and city planners, were neck-deep in this conversation and took a special interest in how to optimally design the objects with which people interact on a daily basis. A new emphasis was placed on functionality, simplicity and the role of industrialism.


The first pieces of what came to be called “modern” furniture were highly unorthodox at the time. They were minimal in form and were crafted from materials that seemed unconventional for furniture, such as steel. They lacked patterns or carvings and were much smaller than old furniture. They were built with ergonomic comfort in mind.


Designers tried to scale furniture back down to its basic functions, and from that function derive a suitable form. No more gratuitous decorations; just pure furniture. At the same time, they also wanted objects that were beautiful, not too simplified.


Wassily Chair


A good example of an early modern furniture piece is the Wassily Chair, a 1925 work by Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. The chair consists of steel tubing that has been bent to create the frame of the chair, across which are fastened strips of black canvas to form the seat, back and armrests. Rather than taking a hunk of wood and carving a chair from it, Breuer took simple shapes—tubes and sheets—and arranged them into a chair.


The result is a seat which almost seems to deconstruct before the eyes. Unlike anything made in the 19th century or prior, this architectural chair had open spaces, clean lines and a manufactured look. Yet it still maintained an aesthetic sensibility. For eight decades since its inception, the Wassily Chair has been regarded as an iconic piece of modern design.


With Marcel Breuer and other modernist designers such as Le Corbusier and Gerrit Rietveld, furniture took on a new life. Gradually, the sleek and functional aesthetic of early modernists became the standard for furniture makers. Because of these pioneering thinkers, furniture was freed from its historical cage and became an art form that continues to explore new horizons. Today, Infurn is proud to offer reproductions of the 400 best works of modern furniture design.


INFURN: About Modern Furniture Design


When it comes to choosing furniture and décor, it’s possible to be fashionable and contemporary while also maintaining some personal tastes. Modern furniture exemplifies the very best of design, offering a look that is simultaneously simple and expressive. At INFURN, a company which builds and sells furniture inspired by the most iconic and enduring modern designs, their team appreciates how modern furniture can suit just about any home or office.


Defining the Modern


The design mantra, “form follows function,” is a characterization of one of the principles of the Bauhaus, a school of art, architecture and design that originated in Germany in the 1920’s. When Bauhaus members and other early 20th’s century designers invented the first prototypes of “modern” furniture, they sought three specific goals:


  1.       I.         The furniture should serve its purpose specifically and succinctly.
    Most furniture prior to modernism was not very ergonomic or practical. Modern designs have the user in mind and are thus more focused on functionality.
  2.      II.         The furniture should be easy to reproduce.
    Before the industrial revolution, every piece of furniture had to be crafted by hand. The 20th century saw the advancement of several high-tech manufacturing techniques; so designers started making furniture that could be reproduced in a straightforward fashion, and on a mass scale.  More people would have access to furniture and makers would be encouraged to create optimal, long-lasting designs. 
  3.    III.         The furniture should utilize materials to create interest.
    Rather than decorating the furniture with beautiful but ultimately unnecessary details, modern designers made their furniture attractive by applying and manipulating basic materials. The beauty comes from the individual natures of the materials, the contrasts between them, the forms they take and the ways they are arranged.


Following these guidelines, the great early designers, including Le Corbusier, Breuer, Magistretti, Rietveld and the truly great husband and wife team – Charles and Ray Eames, created some of the most striking and forward-thinking pieces of furniture. Today, their works are iconic pieces of art that still have not lost their power to charm and shock the viewer. All over the world, design-minded individuals and businesses continue to use modern furniture to bring sophistication and elegance to their living and working spaces.


INFURN – Inspired furniture


This company began with three men who shared a passion for masterpieces of modern design. While sitting around one day and talking about their collections, they realized that they shared a common struggle as well. Many of their favorite furniture designs were simply unavailable on the market or could only be purchased from niche sellers for very high prices. They concluded that with the right business plan and a dedicated team, they could make these pieces available to more people.


In 2008 they founded INFURN, a company that is wholly committed to the reproduction and distribution of the classic icons of modern furniture. Originally serving just the European market, they have since expanded their customer base across 20 countries worldwide and have accumulated over 100,000 satisfied customers. With just four short years of hard work, this company has risen to the top.


As an online furniture retailer, INFURN’s website presents a beautiful catalog with over 400 selected designs from the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection represents what the owners believe to be the best of modern furniture and décor.


Purchasing Furniture


Each item in the company’s catalog is inspired by a seminal work of design and is available to customers with a number of customization options. Depending on the product, customers may choose between different types of wood and different colors of leather, fabric or plastic.


Once an order is placed, the team of professional builders and assemblers gets to work creating the piece. Because they construct everything in-house rather than ordering from outside manufacturers, the company eliminates middle men and is able to offer reasonable pricing on even the most luxurious furniture. 


Unlike many businesses that make reproduction furniture, INFURN is totally devoted to the integrity of every item in its collection. Therefore they use only the highest quality materials and subject every piece to the strictest quality control inspections. Their products are exact, sturdy, and guaranteed to look sharp.


Allowing a few weeks for construction, the order then ships from the company’s facilities straight to the customer’s address. They provide this delivery service 100% free to consumers.


Guaranteed Satisfaction


This company understands that purchasing furniture over the Internet is something that people are sometimes hesitant to do. It’s hard to determine whether or not an item will be to your liking since you cannot inspect in it person. That’s why INFURN guarantees its products are made to the highest standards of material and construction. To protect that promise, they offer a few warranty options.


All items are covered by a 5-year full warranty for problems caused by manufacturing defects. If a customer is not pleased with a purchase for other reasons, they may return it within one week of the delivery date (item must be unused, undamaged, in the original packaging). Damages to the furniture caused by delivery processes should be thoroughly documented (before and after unpacking) so that the shippers can be held accountable and the customer can receive a refund. The company offers these options because they are committed to satisfying customers’ desires for great furniture and décor. 


How to Choose Furniture


Modern furniture looks great in just about any type of home or office. The styles available through this online furniture retailer range from plush leather sofas to retro plastic “egg” chairs to sleek metal or glass tables. You can achieve a sophisticated look or opt for something more playful, depending on your furnishing aspirations. 


You can browse the company’s collection by type of furniture or by designer if you want to achieve a coherent theme. They have pieces inspired by illustrious designers such as Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobson, Poul Kjaerholm and Philippe Starck. They also have a wide selection of highly coveted works by the great Charles Eames, which are some of their bestselling products.


If you desire sleek, interesting designer furniture from the 20th and 21st centuries but are tired of the low quality reproductions and ridiculous prices, your problems may finally be over. Look no further than INFURN, the premier online store for iconic modern furniture.  They provide super high quality products, fair and often discounted prices, free doorstep delivery and strong warranties to guarantee satisfaction with every INFURN purchase. 




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